Mandate a UN HRC Fact Finding Mission

Gather the facts on the ground to pave the way for peace


We are Ambazonians, Cameroonians, and an international assembly of faith leaders and organizations, and peace and human rights groups. Our primary goal with this request is to reduce violence and save lives. We  believe that a UN HRC-mandated fact-finding mission would have the immediate effect of quelling violence on the ground.

An HRC-mandated fact-finding mission is necessary because the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has twice requested access and been denied by the Cameroon government. The lack of accountability empowers abusers and drives violence. Reports of serious human rights abuses are circulating on a daily basis on social media, and only a tiny fraction  of them are being reported or investigated with any rigor.

The Ambazonian struggle is for basic human survival rights and for the right to self-determination and sovereign control over their own land.

Their cause is consistent with the rights laid out by the International Declaration of Human Rights. It has been waged nonviolently for decades, since the independence of Cameroon and before. Our coalition considers the issue of contemporary, escalating violence in Ambazonia a product of the colonial conditions imposed upon all of Africa, with ongoing neo-colonial and geopolitical economic pressures continuing the injustices.

Our coalition will remain a non-partisan force within the region: focusing on an immediate end to violence and ultimately to the peaceful exercise of self-determination human rights.


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